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March Bracket Madness - Free

March Bracket Madness - Free

iSportsLinks brings you the Big Dance, or the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship. The following pages are the pinnacle of Fantasy Sports insanity all compressed into about 3 weeks of non-stop action. iSL has identified 101 sites offering March Brackets, and of course we offer a great Bracket Challenge of our own. Pre-Registration open at many sites. The games start on Thursday, March 17, 2016. Quick Links to the best of March.

For 2016, those updated will have a littlebluenumber. Those not updated will be red, purple or green This page is updating for 2016! Many have disappeared, but there are still a lot to play!

Free March Bracket Contests

Best March Sites

iSportsLinks - Enter the FREE 12th Annual iSportsLinks March Bracket Challenge and win $10,000 for the Perfect Bracket. 1

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Ganza - Celebrating 28 years of Prognostication and have one of the best contests, the Basketball Tournament Prediction Extravaganza. This is truly one of the best, with a great tongue and cheek approach to the madness. Congratulations to Gavin, the Benevolent Grand Pooh-Bah and Dan, the Deputy Pooh-Bah. iSportsLinks link partner.2

Office Pool 64 - This site offers the grand prize of bragging rites only, but its another great site.  Their 17th year. There are a great many links to information and other March poolsheets This site awards higher points for earlier rounds than most sites. The sheet runs on Turbo Tourney.  Check it out after the selections are made. iSportsLinks link partner.8

Sports Picks League This site has been around a long time. One entry per person, increasing points per round. Win a T-Shirt from SportsTavern.comiSportsLinks link partner.3

RotoGuru The 19th annual Guru's Market Madness contest plays like the stock market, where you "purchase" teams both long and short with a given amount of GuruDollars. Truly unique. $50 Gift Certificate to Amazon. 6

Bracket Tracker® - Keep track of what brackets you have entered - printable

Cigars Direct - 8th annual contest. Increasing pts per round with interesting bonus points. The top 13 win some very nice cigars and the next 20 win prizes. $3,500 value for 1st place 4

Pick Sixteen - This is their 31st year, but they have not updated yet. An interesting twist where you pick 1 team from each seed (1 from the 4 #1 seeds, etc.) and you get more points for every round that they win.28

Last 2 Left - The object of this game is to correctly predict the 2 Teams that will reach the National Championship. 38

Sportsco - Win $500 in the mens and $250 in the womens. 22, 23 Not ready for 2015, but they are normally late

Yahoo! - This site is brought to you by the Internet giant  You will need an established e-mail address to sign-up (or a Yahoo e-mail account) and then you pick your user ID.  9

March Madnet - 19th year. $25 grand prize. This site runs a little different, you must return to the site to pick every week!  iSportsLinks link partner.7

CBS SportsLine full bracket - Win a trip to the 2016 NCAA Final 4 + $6,000 Cash!- get 3 entries - winner from random drawing of top 10% 10

CBS SportsLine Round by Round - Win 2 tickets to the 2016 Final Four + $500 every round! Runner-up wins an iPad after every round. 11

SportsIllustrated - $1,000,000 impossible perfect bracket, $10,000 for 61 or 62, $1,000 for 60 correct. Other prizes..15

ESPN - Win $5,000 Best Buy gift card for 1st based on random drawing of top 1%. You can enter 10 times!13

Fox Sports - Top 10 finishers win a trip to a FOX Sports studio shw or a live sporting event! Next 40 get $20 GFox Sports Shop bucks. 17

Buffalo Wild Wings - They will have a contest after Selection Sunday. Check back for details. .18

Bracketcontest - Not updated for 2015 yet. 46

JettNet - 14th Annual - No prizes, but another great place to play.76

Make Your Take - Round by Round - No prizes found, but another place to play free round by round 84

Make Your Take - All at Once - No prizes found, but another place to play free. 85

March Pool - has an interesting Marchpool Index which combines team stats with their RPI index. 97

Official NCAA March Madness Bracket Challenge - Capiltal One unsure of any prizes - enter 5 times 57

Wagerweb - You must be a member and contribute to a betting account to be eligible. Top Ten share $25,000 in prizes.26

The Living Room Times - 19th Annual A great site and contest for bragging rights - Mens, Womens, and NIT contests. 66 - Impossible $1,000,000 perfect bracket prize - otherwise no other prizes - 43

Jiffy Tickets - Win top 10 with $1,000 1st - $100 gift cards 44 - First all Canada Bracket Madness - must be a Canadian resident - win a trip to a Toronto basketball game. 30

Burke & Herbert Bank Bracket Challenge - trip to Wizards vs Hawks game - floor seats! - Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, D.C. or West Virginia 20

Athlon Sports - The impossible $1,000,000 bracket, but 1st place 50" LED Smart TV plus other prizes.

Last Bracket Standing - A twist on the perfect bracket and survivor fantasy sports - the bracket which has no loses the longest wins. Contest winner gets a college team jersey of their choice.

Quick Links

iSportsLinks Bracket Challenge - Our 13th year

March Free Links - Why spend good money when there are tons of FREE bracket challenges available.

Pay Brackets - Put your money where your brackets are! Plenty of sites from $5 to $20.

Bracket Tracker® - Print these pages out and keep track of all the brackets you have entered.

Final Four Tickets on eBay

Media Brackets - Find local Bracket Challenges, most from uPickem

Bracket Tips - Find the best strategy to win your office pool!

Tiebreaker - After filling out your bracket, most ask for the total score in the Championship game. We show you the average of the last 10 years.

iSportsLinks Tournament Hosting - Would you like to invite your friends to a personal website with your own March Bracket Challenge? Let iSportsLinks run your professional contest.

Bracket Software - want to run your own? try one of these.

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Non-Bracket Sweepstakes - Win great prizes.


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