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iSportsLinks $10,000 Alternate Strategy Bracket Challenge 2016

Welcome to the 13th Annual iSportsLinks Bracket Challenge sponsored by Casino Dave's.

ENTRIES Closed- (read rules below)

Enter Sweet 16 Contest Sunday Night or Monday morning

Reports for 2016 Challenge

Try a different strategy here than the $1,000,000 sites.Wild guess, best mascot, etc.


Be sure to put a 2 behind your name for your second entry

2015 entires - 910 - Sweet 16 = 321 entries

2014 entries - 996 - Sweet 16 = 263 entries

2013 entries - 1231

2011 Entries - 498

REPORTS - 2011

2010 Entries - Free = 486 / $5 = 51 Sweet 16 - 412

2009 Entries - Free = 488 / $5 = 46

2010 Reports for both the Free and $5 contests and Sweet 16

2009 Reports for both the Free and $5 contests

Reports for 2015 Challenge


  • Picks must be made by 11:45am EST Thursday, March 17
  • You must pick the entire bracket - The First Four games don't matter.
  • Your name, hometown, and email address are the only things needed to enter. Also the strategy you are using is requested.
    • Your email address will only be used for this contest - I'm a big SPAM hater and I use many techniques to avoid SPAM on this website.
  • Points will be awarded for 1 point for each correct pick! This gives the best overall picker the advantage, not the person who picks only the champion!
  • Tiebreakers -
    • Total Points Championship Game
    • Most in Sweet 16
  • You are allowed 2 entries per person FREE. Additional entries are $2.
  • Pick the entire bracket and choose the total score in the championship game as the tie breaker.


The Grand Prize is as follows:

  • $10,000 for the perfect bracket - 63 of 63 correct (paid $100/month for 100 months)
  • Since 63 will never happen, then $1,000 for 60-62 correct(paid $100/month for 10 months)
  • Since even 60 is too high, then if the winner is above 55 correct, then there will be a $100 bonus to the winner
  • 53 is the highest of 63 games the past 6 years. A $25 bonus for 54 or 55 correct
  • 53 or lower for the winner, then $25 first place; $10 second place; $5 third thanks to the Sponsor - Casino Dave
  • Forever engraved in Internet History on the Past Winners Page
  • Bragging Rights!

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